The NeBu SolarBack,
the sun lounger with
a solar powered backrest.

Enjoying the radiance and warmth of the sun should be a relaxing and effortless experience.

No more getting off and on your lounger to adjust the backrest, and with a NeBu SolarBack you can charge your mobile phone while enjoying that touch of decadence using the power of the sun.

Exceptional design and build quality with a durable finish ensure many years of ultimate relaxation with that extra touch of luxury.

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The SolarBack Advantage

SolarBack sun loungers use the free power of the sun to give you a truly effortless and relaxing experience. They’re fully independent from mains electricity giving you complete freedom and control of where you locate your lounger.

Using tried and tested components SolarBack solar powered sun loungers use existing technology thoughtfully rather than adding unnecessary complexity.

Simple anti-tip designs ensure that you can be confident of relaxing on your lounger not on the floor.
With or without arms the choice is yours.

We have a range of designs to meet the needs of your hotel, resort, VIP area or villas.

Premium clients will know just how valued they are when they are able to adjust their sun lounger backrest to exactly the position they find comfortable at the touch of a button.

No more getting on and off your lounger to adjust the backrest to find that pre-determined position isn’t quite right for you. SolarBack solar powered sun loungers contain a USB port to charge a mobile phone using free solar energy, while you enjoy that well earned rest.

Let your guests know how special they are with a SolarBack solar powered sun lounger from NeBu Leisure.
Material Choice
Style and Durability

Choose your rattan and mattress colour from our vast range, and select a style of rattan weave to design a style combination that sets you apart from the rest.
Rattan Weaves
SolarBack sun loungers use durable and recyclable materials with powder coated aluminium chassis and come with a 2 or 5 year warranty depending on your specification of wicker design or weave.
SolarBack USPs
Why settle for less?
Hand controlled adjustment of the backrest using solar power - find that just right position without getting off
UV and water resistant fabric
Customized colourways and
logo / branding service (optional)
Solar panel providing free power from the sun and independent from mains
USB charging facility for gadgets